Connect / Disconnect Utility Service

Establishing Service

Service may be established with Dothan Utilities by submitting an online application for service or visiting our office Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, excluding holidays.  A copy of lease or purchase agreement and state issued photo identification is required.

We are located at:
126 N. Saint Andrews Street, room 105, inside Dothan Civic Center
Walk-up and Drive thru payments made at Drive Thru facility in parking lot of Dothan Civic Center


A current legal ID of each person listed as a responsible party is required to establish any and all service. Acceptable ID includes State Driver’s or Non-drivers ID, and Military ID (Copies must be legible). Most services can be connected the same day if the work order is processed before 12:00 pm. The connection fee is $25.00 and is paid at the time the service is requested. Any same day service requested after 12:00 pm will be charged a $35.00 connection fee.

Residential deposits may range from $0.00 to $500.00 based upon the customers’ recent credit history or based on past payment history with Dothan Utilities. Deposits cover any combination of the following services: electric, water, sewer, and garbage.  Prepay accounts do not require deposits but do require a minimum $75 payment to initiate services.

Commercial deposits are based on a two-month average bill for the location or business. Commercial deposits must remain on file with the City of Dothan until the services have been terminated.  For Commercial Utilities, please email Permits and Inspections office.

Multiple persons can be listed on a Dothan Utilities Account.  To find out more information, click here.

Additional Requirements for Email Requirements

The Application for Service/Release for Credit Check (PDF) must be fully completed and sent with a copy of the current legal ID Any incomplete application will not be processed. Once the application is received, you will be contacted with the amount of the deposit and instructions for paying the deposit. The deposit, along with the connection fee, must be received to initiate service.

You may fax your request to:
Dothan Utilities
Attention: Service Department
(334) 615-4119

Transferring Service

If you are moving from one location to another location serviced by Dothan Utilities, you may transfer service in person, by fax, or by submission using the link below. A connection fee must be paid for transferring the service and all delinquent bills must be paid in full.

Email Transfer of Service Request to Dothan Utilities

Discontinuing Service

Service with Dothan Utilities may be discontinued by submitting a termination request, scheduling an appointment or in person at our office.

Discontinuing service requires a copy of the responsible parties’ current legal ID. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR UTILITY SERVICES UNTIL THE ACCOUNT IS CLOSED. Any deposit on file will be applied to the final bill. A check will be mailed for any amount exceeding the final bill or a statement will be issued for the outstanding balance.

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If you are visiting our office, you may schedule a flex appointment or join our virtual line. Please see your options below. There are multiple ways to join a line!
Option 1:  Download the QLess Mobile App (for iOS and Android).

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Option 4: Text keywords "dothan utilities" or "dothan utility" to (334)345-2569 to join the virtual line.